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Cookie Policy


EU law requires a website to seek your consent in order to place certain types of cookies on your browsing device / computer. By your continued use of this website you agree that this site, and certain third parties, may place cookies, as outlined below, on your browsing device / computer unless you alter your browser settings.


What Are Cookies?


Cookies are small files that are automatically downloaded to a website visitor's browsing device / computer, generally in order to improve the browsing experience. For more information on cookies see


This Website and Cookies


This website uses funtional cookies that are required to simply run and access the website. There are also embedded YouTube videos on this website. This may mean that third party cookies are placed on the vistor's browsing device / computer. These third party cookies are entirely out of this website's control. Please view the Google Privacy Policy for more detailed information on the types of cookies which may be placed as a result of embedded YouTube videos. You can view YouTube's Terms of Service by visiting By using this site users are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. You can view the Google Privacy Policy at


Blocking and Controlling Cookies


As every browser is different and exact methods are always liable to change, this website would encourage website users that would like to control or block cookies / third party cookies to view the specific Help information for their own browsers. This information will allow you to change your own browser settings in line with your own preferences. For more information on deleting or controlling cookies please see


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